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Beautiful, unique Mini Candle Bouquet.  Single flower candle, options of a Rose or Daisy, with a variety of dried flower embellishment. Soft floral, fruity, Cashmere Plum scent. 


Candle Care for Candle Bouquet:


Remove Decorations before burning the bouquet candle.  Carefully remove all decorative elements such as dried flowers and any other adornments. This will ensure a safe and efficient burn.


Burning the Candle - Once the decorative items are removed, you can proceed with burning the candle.  Follow the standard candle care procedures, including trimming the wick, placing the candle on heat-resistent surface and avoiding drafts. 


Wax Melting Option - As an alternative to burning the candle, you can enjoy the fragrance of the candle by using it as a wax melt.  Simply place the candle in a wax warmer designed for wax melts and enjoy the scent without lighting the wick.


Decorative Display - If you prefer to keep for display, place somewhere perfect in your space and enjoy! 


Mini Candle Bouquet

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