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Sweet but sultry, our Moonflower scent is a unique blend of florals and fruits inspired by the night-blooming moonflower, an oft iridescent blossom that only releases its sweet fragrance at night. Notes of juicy pear and agave merge with soft floral and marine notes cocooned in a powdery blend of dark musk and amber. Bring an enchanting midnight garden into your home with this unique scent! 


A beautiful irredescent glass tumbler, decorated with a variety of crystals.  Rose Quarts, Chrysocolla, Amethyst, Citrine and Peridot.  


Fragrance Notes:

Top - Pear, Agave

Middle - Rose, Marine, Cherry Blossom

Base - Powder, Dark Musk, Amber


8oz. Single Wick

Appriximately 40-60 hours burn time

Moonflower Single Wick 8oz. Tumbler

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